1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

*does literally one math problem in an entire hour*


*does nothing of any significant importance for the next 4+ months*

"You nevah get high of ya own supply"
— Kid in my math class after saying he should just start selling instead of school and some girl claiming he’d just smoke all of his product

Basically I just don’t like being challenged for things that don’t interest me and that’s where I become lazy and unmotivated and then I get depressed when I don’t do well because I still expect to since I am usually successful and have been in the past so it’s like this vicious chain that can only be broken by me just realizing I have to try harder and put in more effort but then I don’t want to becAUSE IT’S FOR THINGS THAT DONT INTEREST ME


All my fucks!

Sticks close to motivation, which is now missing too, and will be begging to be given.

If seen please call 1-800-screwed immediately and provide a location.

Thank you.

exploring the body vs soul theories in regards to personal identity my little scholar
Forgot this was on the inside of my philosophy notebook
Math class
This piece I wrote here was actually true though, like I tried to hand in a story I already had written thinking my teacher had never read it but she had so I wrote this about the situation and handed it in after to make up the grade lol

Guilt, that was all she felt. Along with a twinge of embarrassment of course. It was not her intention to slack off, or slip around the assignments. But when she had been told to compose an anecdote one night, she focused on the footwear of her classmate across from her, while her mind flickered to one particular memory. Yes, that was what she would write about, it was perfect and she had always been fond of it, proud, even, that she could recall it so vividly. Students near by packed up their things in a haste and pushed towards the door, making it clear the bell had rung.
When she passed in her work the next day she felt confident about it. Although she had submitted the story to a writing contest earlier in the year, without having any luck, it remained one of her favorite personal pieces, and she didn’t think much more on the past hand-in. It was a great memory after all, and a great anecdote. Her confidence grew a bit marching back to her seat.

Walking down to chorus after class, she wore a distressed expression. She gingerly stepped through the fast moving body of students, working to avoid getting shoved, while she stared at the anecdote that was passed back at the end of class. Her idea wasn’t new. It wasn’t original. In fact, her teacher had even read it before when she entered it for the contest. While she contemplated the thickness of what she had done, she only attempted the various note-humming, breath-holding, and mouth-shaping exercises of the standard warm-up routine in chorus. Eventually her thoughts of do re and mi reached forte while those of her anecdotal situation had decrescendoed.
Her friends grinned slightly, half concerned, half amused by what she told them had happened. She knew she was obligated to craft a different story to hand back into her teacher, with the resulting grade likely to be low anyway. She simply wanted to give her something though now, regardless of whatever grade she would receive for it. She joked around with one friend after lunch.
“Yeah I’ll just write about the whole ordeal as my anecdote, right? Not like I didn’t learn a lesson from it all ha-ha.”
“Wait, oh my gosh do it! I dare you.”

Considering the entire circumstance, she instinctively deemed any more risk-taking out of the question. Then again, she wasn’t one to turn down a dare. 

"Grunge: Before it became a popular fashion look, grunge was a movement that sought to reject lifestyle consciousness."
— 101 Things I Learned in Fashion School - Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Frederick

i don’t want to do/care about homework

i just want to watch all the fucking movies in my netflix instant queue 

I have school tomorrow.



tomorrow i start a new quarter at school and my last period class is an independent study called:

Fashion with Alterations

Basically I get to deconstruct/reconstruct shirts and shit all last period!!

that being said, if you want a shirt, reply here or message me and ill make ya something and send it to ya!


guys everyone go to google maps or google earth or whatever it is on google that lets you see streets in real life as if you were walking on them

and search:

St. Swithun’s Church in Bathford, England

this is where i was last april! where i got to sing with my school chorus



no really look it up its like a fairytale place