1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive
"I went to an AA meeting once I was broke and heard they had free coffee and doughnuts"
— Girl in my film class last night
"Our music is not ‘gangsta rap’. There’s no such thing. The label was created by the media to limit what we can say. We just deliver the truth in a brutal fashion. The young black male is a target. Snoop (Doggy Dogg) has gone four times platinum and makes more money than the president. They don’t like that, so you hear ‘ban this, ban that’. We attack people’s emotions. It’s a real live show that brings out the inside in people. Like I said, intense."
"Oh sad full moon, my friend, why must
You see me suffer? Look your last!
Here at this desk so many a night
I’ve watched and waited for your light
To visit me again and shine
Over this paper world of mine.
Oh, take me to the hilltops, there
To wander in the sweet moonlit air,
By mountain caves, through fields to roam,
Hovering with spirits in your gloam,
Cleansed of book-learning’s fog and stew
And healed by bathing in your dew!"
— Faust Part 1 - Goethe
"Night is purer than day; it is better for thinking, loving and dreaming. At night everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning."
— Elie Wiesel 
"I never noticed the size of my feet…until I kicked you in the shins."
Does Everyone Stare - The Police
"I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them."
John Stuart Mill
"In our society we seem to find ourselves living either in disasters or between them."
— Something my mom’s buddhist teacher said 
"Oh what a world my parents gave me"
Oh What a World - Rufus Wainwright

Jane: Are you happy?

Lord Grantham: I have no right to be unhappy which is almost the same.

— Maid Jane to Lord Grantham - Downton Abbey 
"Grunge: Before it became a popular fashion look, grunge was a movement that sought to reject lifestyle consciousness."
— 101 Things I Learned in Fashion School - Alfredo Cabrera with Matthew Frederick
"The commonplace may be understood as a reduction of the exceptional, but the exceptional cannot be understood by magnifying the commonplace."
— Edgar Wind (1900-1971) “An Observation on Method” 
"can i just get paid to do nothing"
— my friend sam