1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

i need more positive blogs to follow!! i need more happiness! gotta work at that shit! any suggestionsszzz?!

my new thang

recently (like starting saturday) ive been trying to do this thing where instead of immediately being mopey and angry and depressed when things don’t seem to turn out how i want them

i remain calm and as happy as i can be.

it’s difficult lemme tell you, to not just instinctively give in to my initial feelings and let them grow

but i think it’s ultimately made me a bit happier, more positive, and more hopeful

is it sad that i sort of got this from a tea bag tag quote?

"bliss is a constant state of mind, unaffected by gain or loss"

i figure, if i want to be blissful, i cannot allow my gut reactions to run my mind

i must think positively, not worry so much, and most importantly, be joyful for those around me

lol me bein all existential n shyt