1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive
→ this is cool, rag & bone used local skaters for one of their campaigns

when you see something on your dash and go to like it and then notice that you’ve already liked it and you smirk like “hah, good job me i knew you had good taste” 


when you creep hard on people you see in public places often and then you actually see them in that place after the creeping has ensued and you just feel uncomfortable because you know stuff that they don’t know you know

what if we just put “so much raw emotion” on everything we reblogged

A life good for photos may not be good for living.

→ Everyone should follow her.

especially if you like pretty soft pictures and relatable quotes


logging into facebook is like walking into a party that nobody invited you to and then everyone goes to one room to have fun and you just stay for a little bit and then leave when nobody “likes” you and then you feel bad about your life

logging into tumblr is like walking into a giant british mansion party with every cool person you know and all the best food and drinks and all the cats you can play with and everyone is taking cool indie photos 


one time i considered making a street style blog for where i live

lol then i realized it would just be pics of me and marissa


found some old pics of my mom from like the 70’s!

forgot i had these on my comp

gonna upload em

The Average Life of a Tumbler

As depicted by my dashboard:

-wanting to be something/someone/somewhere you’re not

-taking blurry hipstamatic photos

-Getting high

-trying not to be hipster

-partying with sweaters on

-avoiding school/work/life

-having a hard life full of existential quotes

-having sex

-harry potter

-not giving a fuck.

feel free to reblog and add

(LOL found this in my archive)

→ more people should follow me

i have infinite scroll bitchez

i just found all these photos that made me happy

every one of them made me remember that moment/day and smile