1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive
also i think im goin with a skateboard

i mean

  • it was what i originally wanted
  • they are lighter
  • louder
  • versatile
  • cheaper
  • and i know this awesome friend who’s like 30 and she wants to teach me and stuff

but i still want to get a longboard at some point too!


so far i have 2 for longboard and 1 for skateboard

idk skateboard was my original thought because they are more classic and versatile while with a longboard i feel like i would have to maintain some roxy girl cali surf style all the time or something

that made no sense but its just in my mind lol

BUT longboards do seem easier to learn and more comfortable for casual use because of the size

which ones are typically more expensive?

Does anyone know anything about skateboards/longboards? I want to get one and learn but am not sure about what I should get? Also do you recommend a skateboard OR a longboard? Give me guidance?