Talent for Living

1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive
Mcd’s fresh 😎

I actually had the most terrifying dream last night

I was with two friends and somehow someway it ended up that they needed to kill me

We got to some pond in a marsh surrounded by lush plants and there was a guy and a girl who were my friends (idk who they were now) and the girl gets me out of the car and whips out a knife

She goes to stab me in the heart but misses and I also punched her in defense but I still got a stab in my chest. I was breathing weird and it’s like the didn’t want to kill me but they had to for some reason so I was like here just gimme the knife I’ll kill myself! So she was like kinda distressed and was like fine and just have me the knife

I pretended like I was going to stab myself in the stomach but then switched and stabbed the girl in the heart killing her, then I went and stabbed the guy in the heart before he could attack me. I threw their bodies in the pond and searched for the car keys on the bottom of the pond with a keychain flashlight I had

Once I got the keys I was like my only option is to fuckkng escape because I just killed two people and I need to get out of here until I can go to the police and make some different case

So I literally had a stab wound in my chest and was driving somewhere and finally ran through the woods to some beach after stealing fruit from some like market near a school(?) because I was so weak and tired and hungry. I then was trying to hide and think of how I could craft some sort of kayak or raft to make my way back to where I lived so I could get help and try to explain everything to the police

Then I woke up because it was so stressful

→ De La Mix

I uploaded the wrong one not that this matters at all no1 is gonna listen to it but w/e here is the right 1 

Looks like there’s a willow tree somewhere in there! Pce out ny~~

all black everything today~ B) 

HOLY SHIT I FOUND A RANDOM USB IN MY ROOM and put it in and found all these old photos from my old mac and i actually found my icon this was takin on 1/13/12 about 2 years ago wow time 
did some graffiti tn!!!!! 

2014 gonna stomp a kick flip B) 


one time i went to france this yr!!!!!!