1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

deleting this on friday

it’s been real but I’m done and i think I’m feeling ridiculous being attached to this website lol i’ve been distant on here recently because i don’t care for it the same and just think i’ve moved on :)

gonna make a new account strictly to follow fashion/art/architecture blogs but without any sort of personal presence~*~*~

dunno what that will be yet but ill post the url before i peace out just in case anyone wants to follow or i guess keep in touch!


goal: finely filter my wardrobe and rejuvenate with quality essentials/basics/neutrals and eliminate majority of flashy or difficult-to-outfit items. keep things easy to pair for a more extendable closet of clothing and accessories and invest wisely in pieces that will last and be timeless rather than trendy

~Weirdo~ !!!

natural vs digital 

Tbh wish I had purchased!!!