1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

just woke up and when i checked my phone i had a couple notifications from fb that some kid i went to hs with had commented on a link i shared discussing the mike brown incident and i could tell from the small snippet of his comments shown on phone’s home screen that he was trying to set up an argumentative case defending the police officer and i was like jesse why….. so i was like okay i will go back to sleep and tackle this with a response when i wake up again but it bothered me so much that he wasn’t understanding so i just came on my comp to read what he wrote and try to respond so that he would understand why his comments are, well frankly, racist. But when I went to Facebook he had already deleted his comments and shit and for some reason i was like yay because maybe there is some hope that even he finally realized it himself 


→ The Nike Benassi Just Do It Women's Sandal.

should i get these??


When middle aged women are wearing scrunchies I feel like their lives aren’t going well

final project jus me bein materialistic n shit lol

Smile in the mirror before u go to bed!!!


Making my own language~~

i wanna lose weight and tbh i kinda hate how, well ok there’s like the whole idea of totally accepting yourself as you are and beyond that actually loving yourself and simply seeing everyone despite size and whatnot as beautiful and yES THATS GREAT IT RLY IS AND SHOULD BE ALWAYS


i then literally feel insecure when i want to just lose weight because its like this

"man i gotta lose weight/get in shape!"

"OMG Shut up you are not fat you look great! stop it"


idk its a weird conflicting thing! like one should never feel ashamed of wanting to lose weight! but i usually do because its not like I’m really heavy or completely out of shape so for someone my size, someone who is not necessarily super slender OR quite heavy, theres this strange complex of feeling like you will get pegged as superficial or having an ED or something simply because you desire to change your body!

i never say really that “i want to lose weight” out loud for this reason, instead I’ve always said something like “i need to get into shape!” or “id like to be healthier!” but really goddammit i just want to lose some weight, be able to fit into some smaller sizes, and just feel better about myself in general! AND IM SICK OF FEELING GUILTY ABOUT THOSE DESIRES 


Do you ever wonder whose dreams you’re in?? Like last night some random girl from my middle school was in my dream and I’m jst like wtf I wonder if I’m ever in someone’s dream as a rly random person lol


I need white leather sneakers

Chalk pastel palms

one time my manager at work was like changing over some item picture cards and was like ooh that model is naht very pretty lol

stfu i hate when people say people are ugly or pretty like get the fuck out who are you to make a judgement which should not be made in the first place 


i wanna go to central saint martins i wanna do something i like i wanna have fun i wanna travel i don’t wanna do what im doing rn rly i wanna do art stuff i wanna do stuff i enjoy doing :(