Talent for Living

1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive
okay well now if i still wanna apply to BU i have about an hour to write some 500 word max something about something


okay i think im gonna drop either temple university or BU from my college list

(gotta here back from northeastern first for the BU decision i think tho)

aaaaand im now adding Parsons

i was looking at that school as kind of a fantasy thing for a while but then they sent me some stuff in the mail upon a “eh what the heck” request and i saw that there are a couple first year majors that you don’t need a portfolio for!

yay! so im interested in their design and management first year program because, like i said, no portfolio required and plus after the first year i guess you can look into more specific things they offer and i am kind of imterested in communications(?) now

so phew there we go. 


let’s do some BU supplementing right now

dat a verb?

lol yep accept me im done

you know whats funny

i literally sat right behind www.novh.tumblr.com this past february at a model un conference in boston

everyone envied his hair

course i just thought he was like an aspiring stylist or something who was also interested in global affairs

he was really funny too

no idea he was so tumblr famous! i even remember, he represented cyprus

hahaha oh gtms at bosmun (lol didnt talk once just passed notes and texted)

Just registered for TWO college visits on the same day

yea, feelin like a champ

BU and Northeastern with www.mrl98.tumblr.com ;)