Talent for Living

1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

Jane: Are you happy?

Lord Grantham: I have no right to be unhappy which is almost the same.

— Maid Jane to Lord Grantham - Downton Abbey 

just finished series 2 of british skins


im so glad i went back to that show after trying to watch it like a year or 2 ago when i didn’t like it very much

turned out to be a very emotional, funny, entertaining show

omg last episode when tony is crying at the end, idek basically was crying along with everyone and chris…..UGH SO MANY EMOTIONS

that cast was so good and the original i kind of almost don’t feel like starting the ones with effy and her group…..i feel like it won’t be as good :/

any opinion on series 3?


i only have one episode left of the grand and there was only one season made :(



if you watch any british things you can be mine


"Livin’s much too easy and dyin will be some kind of bore"
A Heady Tale - The Fratellis
"and I would’ve stopped to argue but my teeth were broke
I said I’d love to contradict ya but my life’s a joke"
Acid Jazz Singer - The Fratellis

last night I watched the movie toast

lovely film

very sad

but ends nicely

i love british films

and helena bonham carter

and toast


logging into facebook is like walking into a party that nobody invited you to and then everyone goes to one room to have fun and you just stay for a little bit and then leave when nobody “likes” you and then you feel bad about your life

logging into tumblr is like walking into a giant british mansion party with every cool person you know and all the best food and drinks and all the cats you can play with and everyone is taking cool indie photos 

the year i insisted on being a british cowgirl