Talent for Living

1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

you know, it’s really starting to fucking piss me off that i can’t go to the college of my choice, the college i worked so fucking hard to get accepted to, just because i can’t afford it.

what the fuck is this

like, whenever my friend and i discuss this, this is what it feels like to us:

if i knew i couldn’t go somewhere because it’s astronomically expensive, then why the fuck did i waste so much time working my ass off in order to get accepted when i could have saved so much time and energy if i knew i would just be going to whatever school is cheaper and a lot easier to get into.

so fucking backwards, if i earned it and i deserve it, why should i have to be in debt til i die


Just entered ‘Ipswich’ under the tag search

just to see

since i go to high school in ipswich, MA, USA but went to ipswich, ENG this past april

its so weird, well not weird, its so COOL seeing photos of some places that I remember seeing while i was there

ugh i miss england so much

its like, 5390282930 times cooler

well at least for me since ive always lived in NEW england lolll


Back to America | Heathrow at London, England

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TEXAS: I ride a horse to school.

THE NETHERLANDS/HOLLAND: We are stoned 24/7.

FRANCE: I play the accordion, and my meals consist of bread and red wine.

Sweden: We are all blonde, socialists and boring.

Denmark: We drink all the time, try to avoid contact with strangers as much as humanly possible, and, like sweden, everyone’s blonde.

Colombia: I come from a family of drug dealers and we all live in the jungle, I only drink coffee and I don’t have internet access.

Minnesota: It’s always like Antarctica around here (WRONG - it’s only like Antarctica 9 months of the year).  Also that everyone is really nice (also wrong, because I know plenty of bitches).

 Saudi Arabia: I live in a tent..and ride a camel to school, have oil for breakfast and fart money. also if you upset me I’ll blow you up.

Spain:  I live in a meadow, I eat ham all the time, I wake up in the morning feeling like killing some bulls, I love listening to/dancing Flamenco because here, we don’t know any other kind of music.

Romania: This country doesn’t exist. And if it does, we either live in Medieval Times in some obscure type of Christianity or in the Contemporary period, but we have no tv, no internet, very probably we speak a Slavic language and over all, we’re stupid. Oh and Dracula roams free around here, oh yeah.

Canada: i woke up in my igloo today and was freezing because we’re not allowed to keep fires for long in the igloo (they melt the ice) And then my moose broke down so i had to bum a ride on my neighbour’s polar bear. I ate seal meat for lunch and said “eh” at the end of every sentence. Also: i’ve never seen any kind of shrubbery because all of Canada is an icey waste land where our only beverage is some kind of nast beer.

Germany- . We’re all still Nazi’s. All we eat is bratwurst & Schnitzel & Saurkraut. We never smile and every single German is cold-hearted and rude. <—(No one gives us a chance. Seriously, everyone just remembers WWII and decides to blame even the current generation. I’ve received so much hate for being German, but I mean, it’s not my choice. I wouldn’t change a thing about it though. <3)

 America-We’re all superficial and overweight LOL