1. natural ability to do something well


intransitive verb
1. to continue to be alive

i-D february 2000 “digital downtime” alek wek photographed by mark mattock

Holly Andres

dmv sent me a license renewal reminder 21 is right around the corner :| 


wanna go to paris lately 

Anonymous: Someone is playing on two sides Lili. Be careful with the hypocrites .

this like tumblr mind game up in here ! 

stay tuned maybe the accused will reveal themselves~~~


→ You can now pay someone’s delinquent Detroit water bill online


I cant help right now, but hopefully some of y’all can.

(Source: glegrumbles, via medicine)

johnasavoia: I stand with Lili against all the gross dudes and rude jerks who stay blowing up her ask.

and i bow down to John as he is actually an angel biking around on earth. 


lol johnasavoia chruuu i think i might switch it off for a bit…


Anonymous: youre a babe and we all know it

yo whoever this is and anybody else who has ever said a kind word to me i thank you eternally!! 

Anonymous: jesus christ fuck people

my hero